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Demanding Quality since 2008

Our story began in 2008 as a small action sports clothing brand, started by our Owner and CEO, Adam Sinz. That clothing brand known as ‘Amped’, has grown from trackside tent sales, into the most trusted and technologically advanced garment decorator in our hometown. We set ourselves apart through investing in state-of-the-art technology and quality employees with the drive to deliver the highest quality products and service the industry has to offer.


Our skilled team and experience running a clothing brand, mixed with Core Values of Respect, Effort, and Accountability, ensure that our customers are getting the same focus and attention to detail that Adam demanded of his own apparel from the very beginning. With Macro Merch, we expand our small business, customer first mentality, to a national audience because we feel people from all walks of life deserve the best experience when ordering their custom apparel.


  • Adam begins designing and selling custom T-shirts to his friends in High School
  • ‘Amped’ an action sports focused brand is founded.

July - 2016

  • "Carpe Diem" A local screen printing shop closes and Adam purchases all of their equipment.
  • He moved the equipment into a two-car garage and initially starts both "Amped Custom" and "Hyper Print Design", before settling on Screen Printing Select, Inc.

November - 2017

  • We purchased our first automatic screen printing press. A Workhorse Freedom with 6 colors and 8 stations. The unique thing about this press is that it had "Flashback" flashes. Meaning you could both print and flash cure on the same head. #IYKYK
  • At this point production is still happening in the garage, but we are running fulfillment and customer meetings in an office space on the same property.
  • We are rapidly outgrowing this space and are running out of room to store boxes during production.

August - 2017

  • We completely gut and renovate a 4500 sqft basement to be our new home.

October - 2017

  • We finally move all operations into the new shop. This was a major turning point for us and having everything under one roof drastically improved our efficiency and quality.

July - 2019

  • We outgrew the basement and were swimming in shirts.
  • We finally found a 10,000 sqft space that would allow us to stretch our legs.
  • We also started taking on fulfillment opportunities that meant even more packages coming and going up and down the ramp every day.

September - 2019

  • We move in to our new home. 10,000 sqft of space to grow. So much room for activities... 🤣

May - 2020

  • SPS begins #supportlocal fundraiser and donates over $15,000 of proceedes to help keep other local businesses afloat during the COVID shutdowns.
  • During Covid, we ended up printing and distributing tens of thousands of masks accross the country.

August - 2021

  • We invested in our first Kornit DTG printers and developed our On-Demand printing process. It clicked and tookoff🚀🚀 quick.


  • With the success of DTG and our passion for perfection, we upgraded our whole DTG department. 3 Lane dryer with an in-line Synergy pretreat machine and Brother GTX ProBs. Paired with a new production software that allowed us to reach a level of consistency previously unobtainable. 

February - 2023

  • MacroMerch.com launches
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